Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Others success makes me motivated!


Hey everyone, I am writing today about how others success makes me want to work harder and not give up on  myself!
I won't lie guys I am so tempted everyday at work they have gummie bears and chewy bars and pretty much everything you could want! Its so hard to see Dr. Pepper and not drink at least one!!!
But I've been pretty good, I haven't done much cheating besides every once in a while having some gummie bears I love candy! I have the biggest sweet tooth around : )

Anyways so I counted the weeks till my show and I'm actually 9 weeks OUT this week! thank gosh!
I thought I had less time now I really can't have any mess ups and i gotta bust ace!
I am so excited my results are showing up everyday :)
I'll post up pictures and I've decided to start doing a video weekly too!

Things are really starting to come together and David has two weeks and he's gone! :( so sad
I'll keep you updated, goodnight

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