Thursday, April 12, 2012


Alright today I write about how serious I’m getting!
There is a point in time you decide to choose to succeed or fail, I choose to succeed!
You ask how I plan to do this besides my crazy diet and work out plan now...Why not step it up a notch right!?

Oh I've decided to work out TWICE a day EVERYDAY for the next 9 weeks yes I am Insane,
Because I started INSANITY last night! Wow did I get a reality check!

I thought I was in shape like pretty dang good shape too! Nope not even close! I almost threw up the first night! just on the FIT TEST either I push myself or I’m totally weak haha
I don't have results in front of me but I did pretty good close or more than the guy in the video so that has to mean I push myself right? haha well which ever it is in 60 days I’ll be more fit then I’ve ever been and compete in 9 weeks and go to my husband’s graduation for Basic Training in 11 weeks (he'll be very excited to see me in the best shape of my life) David must be a very lucky man when we met I was 12 or 13 and beautiful long hair to my butt and just looked like I was 18 he really had a crush on me till he found out my age lol and that was as far as that went. then when he got off his mission he found my facebook he didn't know that I had cut all my hair off like Rihanna and gained probably 70 pounds since the last time I saw him haha we started dating and I lost 50 pounds before our wedding and ever since I’ve only cared more about my health and getting in (Perfect) shape for when I have babies. I am lucky too he's only gotten more amazing in time :) anyways sorry just thought I’d share how funny I think that is.
Well Guys I'm gonna put up before pictures and in 8 weeks after pictures, I hope you enjoy them

feel free to comment

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Others success makes me motivated!


Hey everyone, I am writing today about how others success makes me want to work harder and not give up on  myself!
I won't lie guys I am so tempted everyday at work they have gummie bears and chewy bars and pretty much everything you could want! Its so hard to see Dr. Pepper and not drink at least one!!!
But I've been pretty good, I haven't done much cheating besides every once in a while having some gummie bears I love candy! I have the biggest sweet tooth around : )

Anyways so I counted the weeks till my show and I'm actually 9 weeks OUT this week! thank gosh!
I thought I had less time now I really can't have any mess ups and i gotta bust ace!
I am so excited my results are showing up everyday :)
I'll post up pictures and I've decided to start doing a video weekly too!

Things are really starting to come together and David has two weeks and he's gone! :( so sad
I'll keep you updated, goodnight

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easters around the corner

Hello again,

So today I am at work, working a 10 hour shift!
crazy long but having my food ready this morning was so nice
Tuesday night I stayed up till 12:30 cooking for the next 3 days of my food and then doing laundry and doing the dishes its crazy how much you can get done when you actually are motivated..
I've been kinda of slacking and hard on myself the past week so I wasn't working out as hard wasn't really into the diet and just thinking what a pain in the butt it is to make all the food I need each day!

So I've decided to cook all my food up 5 days so its ready for the work week so its not such a stress every morning and I think that'll help me out a lot.
I ran out of Brown Rice,Spinach and my Bread :( DANG IT So I guess I have to go get more gorceries again and being at packed grocery stores bug me, but lets be honest most people are not in the healthy aisles so thats my safe place but the lines, when you're ready to check out its just insane! I kinda wish I could move to a small town again.. anyways I'm getting off subject!

so this weekend is EASTER! and most people are excited about basket of treats and bunnies! I am not seeing I don't have kids, not at home with my family.. easter is just not the same! lol
But its going to be AMAZING this year David and I just decided last night we are going to MOAB! yes its last minute but we are soo excited camping horse back riding rock climbing I'm so happy!
Plus since davids leaving soon I am really happy to get away and just be able to be with him enjoy him and really share this before he's gone for almost a year haha :) he's truly my rock and best friend so its hard to know he's leaving but it makes it easier knowing i'll be able to truly be with him not think about anyone else or anything else besides enjoying him!
I'll upload pictures and Yes I'm packing my food for the two days not only will it save us money but i'll stay on my diet and lets be honest if I want to win or even compete I need to stop being a baby and just kick ace! David and I went to the gym last night for 2 and 1/2 hours! I thought I was going to die haha I taught him all the stuff I have to do and of course David being David he pushed me to my limits which is great but sucks the next two days when your body just hurts super bad!

anyways sorry guys i'm going off and I am sure you don't care to hear a lot of this stuff.. so goodbye for now I'll be back on Tuesday again!

Also I'll upload pictures when I'm on break if I can.

Please comment tell me what you want to hear more about or what you enjoy hearing now!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Three weeks till David leaves about 7 weeks till I compete :(

Hey everyone,
Sorry Kinda fell off the face of the earth! its be tough!
I hate my diet haha
parts of it I love though I'll upload some pictures for you..
Gallon of wateer at least a day! 
Egg's 4 whites one hole
Tuna and two slices of Ezekiel bread! <3 its amazing FYI :D
Broccoli or Asparagus, Sweet potatoes, Chicken (or whatever meat I choose Chicken,turkey,fish) another Favorite :)
then protein shake and almonds or peanut butter
Rice and Ground Turkey Amazing :) 
Dinner aka last meal of the day Fish and Salad (spinach)

I love everything but the egg's makes me wanna throw up! haha 
also hated the protein shake till today! :D (mixed the peanut butter with it)

Davids leaving me in THREE WEEKS :'( SO SAD! 
I am happy for him I am proud of him but I am nervous and want to spend every waking moment with him so I am sorry I probably won't write as much as i'd like to but I'll be back and posting on FB every time I do post so you'll know :D

Thanks for watching my journey!