Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easters around the corner

Hello again,

So today I am at work, working a 10 hour shift!
crazy long but having my food ready this morning was so nice
Tuesday night I stayed up till 12:30 cooking for the next 3 days of my food and then doing laundry and doing the dishes its crazy how much you can get done when you actually are motivated..
I've been kinda of slacking and hard on myself the past week so I wasn't working out as hard wasn't really into the diet and just thinking what a pain in the butt it is to make all the food I need each day!

So I've decided to cook all my food up 5 days so its ready for the work week so its not such a stress every morning and I think that'll help me out a lot.
I ran out of Brown Rice,Spinach and my Bread :( DANG IT So I guess I have to go get more gorceries again and being at packed grocery stores bug me, but lets be honest most people are not in the healthy aisles so thats my safe place but the lines, when you're ready to check out its just insane! I kinda wish I could move to a small town again.. anyways I'm getting off subject!

so this weekend is EASTER! and most people are excited about basket of treats and bunnies! I am not seeing I don't have kids, not at home with my family.. easter is just not the same! lol
But its going to be AMAZING this year David and I just decided last night we are going to MOAB! yes its last minute but we are soo excited camping horse back riding rock climbing I'm so happy!
Plus since davids leaving soon I am really happy to get away and just be able to be with him enjoy him and really share this before he's gone for almost a year haha :) he's truly my rock and best friend so its hard to know he's leaving but it makes it easier knowing i'll be able to truly be with him not think about anyone else or anything else besides enjoying him!
I'll upload pictures and Yes I'm packing my food for the two days not only will it save us money but i'll stay on my diet and lets be honest if I want to win or even compete I need to stop being a baby and just kick ace! David and I went to the gym last night for 2 and 1/2 hours! I thought I was going to die haha I taught him all the stuff I have to do and of course David being David he pushed me to my limits which is great but sucks the next two days when your body just hurts super bad!

anyways sorry guys i'm going off and I am sure you don't care to hear a lot of this stuff.. so goodbye for now I'll be back on Tuesday again!

Also I'll upload pictures when I'm on break if I can.

Please comment tell me what you want to hear more about or what you enjoy hearing now!

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