Thursday, April 12, 2012


Alright today I write about how serious I’m getting!
There is a point in time you decide to choose to succeed or fail, I choose to succeed!
You ask how I plan to do this besides my crazy diet and work out plan now...Why not step it up a notch right!?

Oh I've decided to work out TWICE a day EVERYDAY for the next 9 weeks yes I am Insane,
Because I started INSANITY last night! Wow did I get a reality check!

I thought I was in shape like pretty dang good shape too! Nope not even close! I almost threw up the first night! just on the FIT TEST either I push myself or I’m totally weak haha
I don't have results in front of me but I did pretty good close or more than the guy in the video so that has to mean I push myself right? haha well which ever it is in 60 days I’ll be more fit then I’ve ever been and compete in 9 weeks and go to my husband’s graduation for Basic Training in 11 weeks (he'll be very excited to see me in the best shape of my life) David must be a very lucky man when we met I was 12 or 13 and beautiful long hair to my butt and just looked like I was 18 he really had a crush on me till he found out my age lol and that was as far as that went. then when he got off his mission he found my facebook he didn't know that I had cut all my hair off like Rihanna and gained probably 70 pounds since the last time I saw him haha we started dating and I lost 50 pounds before our wedding and ever since I’ve only cared more about my health and getting in (Perfect) shape for when I have babies. I am lucky too he's only gotten more amazing in time :) anyways sorry just thought I’d share how funny I think that is.
Well Guys I'm gonna put up before pictures and in 8 weeks after pictures, I hope you enjoy them

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