Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 2

Hello Everyone again!

So last night I stayed up late to make dinner for David, Jen & I
I am getting Jen to start working out and eating like me too :) its going to be super helpful
I went to sleep probably 12ish and was woken up by david at 5:30 so Last night I didn't get as much sleep as I should have, I tried to go back to bed but I had work this morning and I wanted to have breakfast so I just ended up getting up! 
I had cereal for breakfast just a half cup with milk 2% I forgot I had my Silk vanilla and our 2% is going to go bad soon so it worked out well I don't like milk at all! but Silk is really good probably would have made it better the cereal I posted last night is what I had it was good it does taste healthy :)

Then I ran got ready for work and now I am on lunch break writing while I can..
I will post a Picture of my lunch when I get home but I am eating Salmon and brown rice I had about a half cup of rice and a good amount of salmon.. Can I just say it's AMAZING I put lemon pepper seasoning on it and squeezed lemon juice over top of the rice and salmon to give it a more lemon flower plus fresh lemons are just great with salmon :) I made the same thing for david and jen but David had white rice he doesn't care for brown which is fine since he is trying to build muslce :)

I brought a fruit roll up (dried real fruit) with me as a snack if I need it and a special K protein bar Strewberry they are my favorite so far I haven't tried many yet if you know of any please tell me your favorite too!

Well I'm back to working and will post up pictures of what I ate today later tonight also I will post what work outs I'll be doing I am going to the gym after work working on legs and abs today! I love it

(Just so everyone knows I can't work out before work the days I work because David works in South Salt Lake and I work in Bountiful we have one car only right now)

Let me know what you'd like to see more of or if you have tips for me Thanks all

Okay I am back! 

So I got off work and found out My husband wanted to take me to dinner and go with our friends Kc & Kenzie to Texas road house! :) I couldn't turn that down and I know they have the best salmon around so we had dinner there
After I just worked out at home did a few work outs I found on Youtube 
I was light on my abs again because I work them out EVERYDAY! 

Then I fell asleep  

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