Monday, March 12, 2012

Take the chance and CHANGE your life FOREVER!

Good afternoon all! :)

alright so this is the start of my journey and I figured I should just use this as my journal and share it will all of you. 

So the next few months as I prepare for what ever I end up competing in I am going to post from my morning work out, to how much water I drink, to how much sleep I am getting, the struggles I'll see and GET through. What I eat, where I shop prices,EVERYTHING :)
Pictures weekly and all sorts of fun stuff! 

Let me know how you learn or grow from what information I may give you :) 

so first off today was my first day really working out hitting the gym and eating right! 
David (husband) & I hit the gym at about 6:00am 
We had to leave from bountiful around 5:30 to get there by 6 because we go all the way to Planet Fitness! 
Its cheap and I love it. 
So I started out taking a pre-workout called XM+ It's amazing for energy and when you start working out you feel on top of the world! seriously...

So I found this website that has what you should eat and what you should work out daily etc. 
Key parts to work out of course for any competition are  
4. Abs
5.Upper Back

So today I started out with Arms, I did 10 reps of each different work out I am sorry I may not have all the names right haha I'll try and get pictures next time 

10-Alternate Hammer Curl 15 pound weights
10-Barbell Curls 20 pound weights
10- Bicep Curls - 15 pound weights
10-Alternate Incline Dumbbell Curls 15-pound weights
15-pull up Which I weigh 126 right now :)
10 reps 3X-  Over head press at 30 pounds
30-Triceps dips 

Then on to Abs 

12 minute abs @ planet fitness I do 15-30 reps not just the 12 they recommend
I was lighter on abs today and then jogged 15 minutes and biked 17 minutes :D 
Gotta love cardio :)
After my workout I take a Post workout and it's called SmartMix 
If you'd like to buy the xm+ or SmartMix Let me know I actually sell this stuff because I love it so much and I can get you it for a really good deal :)
E-mail me at  or find me on facebook

Well where to I go from here I dropped my babe off at work and now I'm writing on here need to go grocery shopping at Costco and Wal-mart..
I'll be back to upload more pictures of what my diet will be made up of :) 

and what I'll eat for lunch and dinner 

Stay tuned and check back :)

Alright I am back, So grocery shopping is HORRIBLE! 
I just hate how rude some people are :/ 
 Gotta love your eggs :)

 cheese and crackers for a snack, love cottage cheese didn't look for any special type.. SILK My new favorite milk ever! chocolate flowered :) probably not the best for me but its my first time shopping for healthy stuff and I was on my own :)

Can't go wrong with spinach and Cheese for salads 

Lemons for my water and to put on salmon

 and my favorite fish ever! :)

 this was SILK vanilla till the box broke :) its expensive I had to save it!

Chicken! of course and turkey meat

turkey jerky for those random snacks and when I want STAKE :)

Okay so I have a super SWEET TOOTH! and this is dried fruit so I eat half of one of these when I want candy, Try it for yourself it works like a charm 

Never tried these, Never eat cereal but I heard from someone at the gym they are amazing and whole grain with brown sugar which is healthy compared to normal white sugar. I'll let you know how they taste

A friend from work said these were amazing for snacks I tried one before I made lunch they are not very tasty at all! :( would recommend good thing my cousin has a daughter that I am sure loves pop-tarts which is what they are sorta like..
Last my gallon :) My goal is to start drinking one a day!

This was amazing cheddar wurst,cottage cheese, 6 thin wheat and laughing cow Swiss cheese YUM! :)
Lunch :

Dinner for my Hubby and I :
 These are what I pretty much season everything with :) Lemon pepper, Black pepper and Garlic Salt 

So this is our AMAZING DINNER :) Cottage cheese Spinach lightly drizzled Italian dressing and chicken breast Yummmy it was!

David being a goof because I always take pictures of his plate and mine.. haha 

 okay so you have to try this Chicken cholula hot sauce and cottage cheese together! Fantastic! 
Good Night All :)

"Success is the Next STEP"

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